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Dogs, Cats, and COVID-19: Planning for the Core Set 2021 Prerelease

With Governor Pritzker's announcement that we will be moving on to Phase 4 of the Illinois Reopening Plan, the door has opened for GriffoNest Games to host prereleases for Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2021. This dog-and-cat-themed set looks pretty amazing, featuring a plethora of new cards and host of reprints that should shake-up many of the constructed formats. We wanted to take this opportunity to explain what the prerelease will look like under the new guidelines.

Three Prereleases Planned

We will hold three prereleases as follows:

Friday, June 26, 6 PM - 11 PM

Saturday, June 27, 1 PM - 6 PM

Sunday, June 28, 1 PM to 6 PM

Each prerelease will be 4 rounds.

Events Capped at 16 People

Under the state's guidelines, we must operate at no more than 50% capacity and have space to allow for social distancing. We are limiting each prerelease to 16 people to ensure that matches have plenty of space. Tables will be spaced out in a manner to allow for social distancing. There will be only one match per table, with players sitting kitty-corner and playing across the entire table. We will also be utilizing our new expansion, providing us with even more space. Call, email, or stop by to reserve your spot!

Cost and Prizes

Each prerelease will cost $24.99. If you win a round, you win a pack of Core Set 2021. We will also hold drawings for additional prizes!

No Contact, Please

We will try to make this event as contactless as possible. We ask players to bring a set of their own lands, if possible (we will still have lands for those who need them). Match reporting will be done without the use of match slips. Rather than shaking hands after matches (if you do that sort of thing), acknowledge your opponent with a Wakanda salute or something else that requires no touching. We will also ask that you refrain from cutting one another's decks. After decks are presented, tell your opponent where to cut the deck.

Masks and Social Distancing Are Expected

While in the store, you will be expected to wear a mask at all times. We also ask that you maintain a safe social distance from other players.

Extended Time Between Rounds

In order to give people breaks from their masks, we will give extended time in between rounds for people to get some fresh air, have a beverage, meditate, etc. This will also provide us with an opportunity to sanitize tables before new players move to them.

No Food or Drink Inside GriffoNest Games

Because of the expectation to wear masks inside the store at all times, food and drink will not be allowed inside the store. It is possible to purchase beverages in the store, we just ask that you drink it outside.

Take Home Prerelease

If you do not feel comfortable staying for the prerelease at the store, there is the option to purchase a prerelease kit in the store to take home with you. Each kit taken home this way will also get a Core Set 2021 Booster with it.

See our New Expansion

While not fully completed, we will be utilizing our new expansion space. We have effectively doubled the play area we had in the store. Be one of the first to see the new room that lurks behind the plastic construction curtain! Hope to see you soon. Addendum: Since this photo, we have removed this curtain and Scott has had a proper haircut. Feel free to stop by and see both.

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