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Wednesday: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Each Wednesday


The cost to attend is $10 per league session.


  • For the duration, people are welcome to come in and play games or trade.

  • From 6 PM to 9 PM, we will hold three Swiss rounds of Constructed.  Proxies are not allowed.

  • Going undefeated in the Swiss matches will earn you an additional league sticker.

  • All participants in the league will get to participate in special rolls for additional prizes.

  • You must have a 60-card deck with no more than 4 of any card. ALL Disney Lorcana cards are legal for the constructed format.

Prizing can be viewed here.

League Rules

  1. GriffoNest Games is a family store.  No profanity or inappropriate imagery is allowed.

  2. No proxies are allowed.

  3. Cards may be traded in-store. Selling or buying cards from players is not allowed.

  4. Display good sportsmanship.

  5. You will be required to provide your email for your MELEE account.  If you do not have one, you will need to create one to participate in the League.

League Scoring - STICKERS!

You will be awarded stickers on a league chart for playing games and completing other league activities.  These are the things that will earn you stickers in both leagues:

  • Play a match of Lorcana (best 2 out of 3): 1 sticker

  • Win a match: 1 sticker

  • Play in a multiplayer game with 3-4 players: 2 stickers

  • Teach someone to play Lorcana in the store (this replaces winning a match): 2 stickers

  • Bring someone new to participate in league: 1 sticker

  • Wear Disney Apparel (once per league day): 1 sticker

  • Play with Disney themed accessories - deck box, playmat, etc. (once per league day): 1 sticker

Get 1 sticker (up to once per league day) for each of these themed deck items (4 of these will be chosen each week):

  • Have 3 different locations in play

  • Having an opponent lose 5 lore in one turn

  • Have 3 different Dalmatians in play. Can earn an additional point for having 5 or more in play.

  • Have Genie, Jafar, and Iago in play

  • Have Kida and Milo Thatch in play

  • Have Scrooge McDuck, at McDuck Manor, with Vault Door in play

  • Have Robin Hood, Little John, and Maid Marion in play

  • Have Simba and Nala at the Pride Lands

  • Have Moana, Maui, and HeiHei in play

  • Having Peter Pan plus either Tinker Bell or Wendy Darling at Never Land

  • Have Nottingham, Robin Hood, and Robin's Bow in play

  • Have The Queen at The Queen's Castle

  • Have Kit Cloudkicker plus either Thaddeus E. Klang or Don Karnage in play

  • Have Jim Hawkins and Captain Amelia at RLS Legacy


See "Structure" in each league day for more scoring options.  Additional scoring options may be added as the league progresses!


  • Get a promo Jolly Roger - Hook's Ship the first time you sign-up for league.

  • Each player will receive one Lorcana Booster Pack for playing each league day.

  • Get one additional pack for winning two matches in one league day. Get two additional packs, instead, for a 3-0 record.

  • Each league day, there will be rolls for packs and potentially other cool prizes.

  • Pins and promos will be awarded at the end of each league round. The more stickers you have, the better!

  • This season's Promos include: How Far I'll Go, John Silver - Greedy Treasure Seeker, and Cloudkicker.

  • This season's Pins include: Sherriff of Nottingham - Corrupt Official, Stitch - Covert Agent, and Disney Lorcana Logo

Banner Sealed and Constructed.png

The Bare Necessities Format

This format is perfect for people with just a few cards.  While not presently being used, it will potentially be used in future leagues. Please note, this is not an official format and was made by GriffoNest Games for use in the store.

​Your deck must have:

  • 40 cards

  • 1 or two inks

  • no more than 4 copies of any single card

  • up to 1 Legendary rarity card

  • up to 2 Super Rare cards

  • up to 3 Rare cards

  • up to 6 Uncommon cards

  • any amount of Common cards

  • no proxies

Additionally, you may substitute any rarity card spot with one of a rarity lower than it. Example: I do not own any Legendary rarity cards. I will instead add an additional Super Rare card into my deck. I could also have replaced that card with a Rare, Uncommon, or Common card.

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