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Wednesday Night Pokémon League

Wednesday Night Pokémon League is the perfect chance to come out and trade, play, and meet other Pokémon Trainers and enthusiasts.  We have multiple Professors on hand to assist with questions and help with games. Complete special activities and you could earn Pokémon Prize Packs, which are special packs given out ONLY at League.

Casual Commander.png
Thursday Night Casual Commander

Choose one legendary creature to be your commander.  Add 99 other cards that are colorless (usually lands and artifacts) or match the colors of your commander. Play multiplayer games against other Magic players in a casual setting. With so many skill and deck levels present, this format is excellent for both new and experienced players.

Friday Night Magic

Check our calendar for our latest FNM formats.  Commander takes place each Friday.  All Commander players will roll for promo packs.  Doubles earn you a free booster pack. High and low roll on the night win the promo packs!

FNM (1).png

Call to reserve a table for your game! Space is available during most of our business hours.

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