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It's time for some REAL fantasy football! Bowl -Second S

Whether you like your team to play fair, winning through pure athleticism and hard work, or you’d rather pound your opponents into submission and stroll over to the End Zone, there’s a team for you.

GriffoNest Blood Bowl 2022 Season

We will be using the league rules outlined in The Blood Bowl Official Rule book. 


Games will begin after posting pairings on Tuesday, October 25th and will last approximately twelve to sixteen weeks determined by the number of players in the league.  If necessary, play will skip the last two weeks of December and resume in the new year. 



$20 before the league starts



Players must have:

  • The core rules

  • All necessary team miniatures (do NOT have to be painted)

  • A Team Draft List



  • You must abide by all League and Exhibition Play rules.

  • Pitches are available to use in store, players are welcome to bring their own.

  • All ‘League Fixtures’ and ‘Cross Division Friendlie’ games must be played at GriffoNest Games.

  • You may not interfere with another game in any way.

  • GriffoNest Games will ask for your contact information for the sole purpose of arranging games and notifying you of your biweekly opponent.  We WILL NOT contact you in any other fashion.



  • The league season is broken up into two halves; the ‘Regular Season’ and the ‘Play-Off Season.’

  • During the ‘regular season’ each team will play two games against each other team in their division.

  • Once all ‘regular season’ games are played the teams will be ranked in order of league points with total touchdowns used as first tiebreaker and total casualties as second tiebreaker. The top four teams will then enter the play-offs.

  • Every 2 Weeks, players will be given an opponent. You must arrange a meeting time with your opponent to complete your match at GriffoNest Games.

  • Play-off teams will receive bonus gold that they can spend to improve their team for the 2023 blood bowl season

Post Season

  • After the play-off season coaches can choose to retire their team and draft new teams. Friendlies are still encouraged in store but will not contribute to the starting point of your team for the 2023 season.


Team Draft & Record Keeping

Each Coach needs to draft a team as described on page 30 of the core rules and submit a copy to the league commissioner. After each match we will take a copy of your updated team roster to record the changes made to your team.


  • Beyond the prizes awarded to the top teams listed in the Core Rules for the next Blood Bowl League, we will be raffling off multiple prizes each month. Every coach will have a chance to win swag regardless of record.
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