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Octopus Tickles

How Many Times Do You Have to Tickle an Octopus Before It Will Laugh?

Ten. Ten tickles [Ba-dum-tss].

While your brain tries to recover from the traumatic feeling associated with a dad joke of this horrific magnitude, please let me explain why it has been told to you in the first place. One of the reasons our family is opening a game store is because we have a lot of love for a lot of games. Since we will all be working in GriffoNest Games at various times throughout the week, we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves and share our favorite games with you. As fate would have it, some of the games on our lists feature tentacles in various shapes and sizes. To avoid further psychological damage, these games have been marked with this octopus 🐙 emoji. Proceed with caution before looking into these games.


The youngest of our family, Adrianna will be a freshman at Woodstock North High School. She will be a cheerleader during the football season, play basketball, and participate in the theatre program.

Things Adrianna loves to do: bake (be on the lookout for her special cupcakes), watch Stranger Things, Riverdale, and The Simpsons, go to Six Flags

Present Jam: “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish

Top 5 Games:

Potion Explosion

Dixit 🐙

Clank! 🐙

Mysterium 🐙

Happy Salmon / Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck-Building Game


Adrianna’s older sister will be a junior at Woodstock North High School. She will be part of the Color Guard, theater program, and all the choirs.

Things Alexis loves to do: draw, watch anime, and hang out with friends (there is so much room to hang out at GriffoNest Games, OMG)

Present Jam: “Lovely” by Billie Eilish

Top 5 Games:

DC Deckbuilding Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Magic: The Gathering 🐙

Dixit 🐙

Starfinder 🐙

Father and daughter with cards in front of them
Last summer at a Magic PPTQ over at Hero's Edge. We both made Top 8. Alexis went to the finals! There, she took massive amounts of prizes so that the other gentleman could get the invite to the PTQ.


Born and raised in Belvidere, Illinois, Bree is a graduate of Belvidere High School, class of ‘91. After a stint at Rock Valley Community College, she has been a radiologic tech for the past 25 years.

Things Bree loves to do: fun things with her family, watch Stranger Things and Game of Thrones, play games

Present Jam: “World Gone Mad” by Bastille

Top 5 Games:

Tyrants of the Underdark 🐙

Kingdom Builder

Lords of Waterdeep 🐙

Mysterium 🐙

Vault of Dragons

Bree, Alexis, and Adrianna in Puerta Maya


Born and raised in Kankakee, Illinois, Scott is a graduate of Kankakee High School class of ‘89. After graduating from Rockford College (now University), he has been a teacher for the past 25 years - 5 in Rockford and 20 here in Woodstock.

Things Scott loves to do: travel with his family, watch movies (especially horror, sci-fi, and superhero films), play games, play basketball, create sweet playlists to accompany his games

Present Jam: “Saw Lightning” by Beck

Top 5 Games:

Magic: The Gathering 🐙

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Eldritch Horror/Arkham Horror Card Game/Arkham Horror 🐙🐙🐙

Shadows of Brimstone 🐙

Satrfinder 🐙

Alexis, Scott, and Adrianna on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium during Gen Con 2018

Who would have thought that so many games could possibly have tentacles in them? Anyway, we hope to get a chance to find out more about you and the games you love. If we find there is an interest or demand for games we do not have in-store, we will try to get them in there. If you have any questions about the games listed here or suggestions on what you would like to see at GriffoNest Games, let us know!

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