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Get ready - Things are about to get wild.

Looking to have a Jurassic time? Come play in our Dino Sized Chaos Draft. Instead of drafting with three packs, each player will have four packs. Draft from a variety of different packs. Win a round, win a pack. 



7 PM - 11 PM



Friday, December 22nd

$35 per player


Chaos Draft


​We will be giving away random prizes and Magic promos throughout the night.  We're giving away foil Serra Angel promos to people who join. (While supplies last) We're also doing a roll for a foil neon yellow Cavern of Souls as well!

Modified Pauper Brawl.png

Get ready to brew like you've never brewed before.  Modified Pauper Brawl is a mix of Commander, Brawl, and Pauper - with a TWIST! Here are the glorious steps you will use to create your Modified Pauper Brawl Deck.

Deck Construction

  1. Choose any UNCOMMON legendary creature or planeswalker to be your Commander. If that creature or planeswalker is one color, it gains PARTNER or BACKGROUND. The partner or background you choose must also be an uncommon legendary card that is one color. A card that was ever printed at uncommon is legal for these purposes, regardless of the version you use.

  2. Add COMMON Pauper-legal cards matching your Commander's or Commanders' color identity from any set until you have a total of 60 cards in your deck, counting your Commander(s). You may only have ONE of any card in your deck. You may have as many basic lands as you want in that total. Card rarity is determined by the lowest rarity printing of the card. You can also check the legality of Pauper cards at Gatherer.

  3. No sideboard.


  • You will play Swiss rounds.

  • Each player starts with 25 life each game.

  • You will play 1v1 games that are the best of one.

  • Each player may take one free mulligan per game.

Banned Cards


  • Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit

  • Fynn, the Fangbearer

  • Zada, Hedron Grinder

Other Cards

  • Aarakocra Sneak

  • Arcum's Astrolabe

  • Atog

  • Bonder's Ornament

  • Chatterstorm

  • Cloud of Faeries

  • Cloudpost

  • Cranial Plating

  • Daze

  • Disciple of the Vault

  • Empty the Warrens

  • Fall from Favor

  • Frantic Search

  • Galvanic Relay

  • Gitaxian Probe

  • Grapeshot

  • Gush

  • High Tide

  • Hymn to Tourach

  • Invigorate

  • Mystic Remora

  • Mystic Sanctuary

  • Peregrine Drake

  • Prophetic Prism

  • Rhystic Study

  • Sinkhole

  • Sojourner's Companion

  • Stirring Bard

  • Temporal Fissure

  • Treasure Cruise

  • Underdark Explorer

  • Vicious Battlerager

  • Ante Cards

  • Cards with the Conspiracy type

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