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Starts July 12th

Choose your allegiance and champion, assemble your forces, and chronicle your path to glory.  In this escalating campaign structure, you will use the same faction from battle to battle in a narrative story where your forces grow, victories and defeats affect the future of your warband, and you gain renown and rewards.

League members, check the Path to Glory Channel on the Discord page for standings, contact information, and standings.

League Information

Duration: 3 months, July 12 - October 2


Cost: $30 before the league starts



Players must have:

  • The core rules

  • All necessary warband miniatures (they do NOT have to be painted)

  • All necessary warband rules

  • A warband roster sheet - digital or paper


  • You must abide by all Path to Glory campaign rules.

  • Players may agree on the Path to Glory Battleplan of their choice.  If an agreement cannot be reached, players can roll off - high roll chooses. 

  • While terrain and playmats are available, players are welcome to bring their own.

  • Battles must be played at GriffoNest Games.

  • You may not interfere with another game in any way.

  • GriffoNest Games will ask for your contact information for the sole purpose of arranging games and notifying you of your three week period opponent.  We WILL NOT contact you in any other fashion.



  • Required Game: Every three weeks, players will be given an opponent with a similar league standing to you.  Any time during that period, you must arrange a meeting time with your opponent to complete your battle at GriffoNest Games.  These games will work towards your league standings and gaining glory points.

  • Optional Games: Up to four times per three week period, you may play up to 4 optional games versus other league players. You may never play someone more than twice in this fashion during any three week period (you may play your required opponent more than once, though, the second time counts as an optional game).  These games will earn you glory points and renown.

Starting Warband Size:
Up to 1500 points. The minimum required point total per month is outlined below.  This is to allow newer players a chance to build their forces.  Players may choose to play with any total they like.

Minimum Required Army  per Three Week Period:

July 12th - July 31st : 600 Points minimum

August 2nd - August 21: 900 Points minimum

August 23 - September 11: 1,200 Points minimum

September 13 - October 2: 1,500 Points minimum


  • A battle win will earn you 3 points.

  • A battle tie will earn you 1 point.

  • A battle loss will earn you 0 points.

  • League standings will only be used to create your pairings each three week period.

Prizes: As Path to Glory was meant to be a more casual format, we will be using a prize ticket system for this league:


Required Game: Win or lose, you will receive 4 prize tickets for playing your required game each three week period.  If you win your required game, you will receive one additional prize ticket. 


Optional Games: Win or lose, you will receive 1 prize ticket per game for playing each optional game in a three week period.

All entrance fees will be used by the store to purchase Warhammer prizes.  At the end of the league, players will place their tickets into containers for the prizes they hope to win.  Tickets will then be randomly drawn to determine the winners of those prizes.

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