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Wilds of Eldraine+
Progression Commander League 


4 weeks - meet on Thursdays



6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (This will leave time for Casual Commander afterwards!)



Thursday, September 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th.

$18 - this includes your 4 booster pack contribution to the Prize Vault

Legal Decks

You must have and use a Commander Preconstructed Deck from the following sets:

  • March of the Machine

  • 2023 Starter Decks

  • Lord of the Rings Tales of Middle Earth

  • Commander Masters

  • Wilds of Eldraine


  1. You must always use one of the Legendary Creatures that comes with the deck as your commander. 

  2. You choose which commander to use at the beginning of each game.  

  3. This deck will become modified as the league progresses.  The only restrictions on replacement cards is that they must follow the commander banned list

  4. A form will be provided to you to keep track of the removed and added cards. 

  5. Once removed, a card may only be put back in using one of your replacement slots for that week.

  6. Oversized Planechase cards may not be used.


Modifying Your Deck

  • Week 1: Your initial deck must be the Commander Deck out of the box with no changes. Each match, you may choose which commander to use.  This will be your deck for the league.

  • Week 2: You may replace up to 7 of the cards from the original deck with up to 7 of your own.   

  • Week 3: You may replace up to 7 of the cards from the original deck with up to 7 of your own. 

  • Week 4: You may replace up to 6 of the cards from the original deck with up to 6 of your own.


Each week you will play two matches in pods of three or four (and occasionally five) players.  We will try to make it so that you play as many different people as possible over the course of the league.



We will count best 3 of 4 weeks for you.  We will use a hybrid scoring system that combines three elements: the place you finish, the amount of people you eliminate, and Achievements.

Based on the place you finish:

  • 1 point if first to be eliminated

  • 2 points if second to be eliminated

  • 3 points if the third to be eliminated

  • 4 points for winning the game

  • In the case of multiple people being eliminated at once, those players take the average of the point totals that would have been assigned.

  • In the case of a three-player game, there will be a proxy player at the table that starts with 40 life, has no responses, and never blocks.

Based on the amount of people you eliminate: 1 point for each person you eliminate.

You eliminate another player by one of the following methods:

  • Damage

  • Mill (last player to move card from library to another zone or person who forces final draw)

  • Card effect you control that causes a player to lose the game (Door to Nothingness)


Achievements are special conditions that you unlock each week.  Completing an Achievement can score you one additional point per pod (limit one per player per game).  The catch is, once you complete an Achievement, you may not complete that one again for the duration of the league.  These Achievements will be listed on the deck list form.  The Achievements for this league are:

  1. Role Call: Control three different role tokens on your board.

  2. Construct an Army: Control seven or more differently named tokens.

  3. Rise of The Eldrazi: Control five or more colorless creatures.

  4. Board Control: Control five or more creatures while your opponents control no creatures. 

  5. Take to the Skies: Control seven or more creatures with flying.

  6. Make Me An Army: Amass an army with ten or more counters on it.

  7. Repurpose: On any turn, tap six of your creatures for something other than attacking.

  8. Field General: Have an opponent lose the game from commander damage dealt by your commander.

  9. Trick up the Sleeve: Cast three or more spells from anywhere other than your hand in a single turn.

  10. Forth Eorlingas!!!: Attack with ten or more creatures in a single turn.

  11. Gathering Power: Control a Planeswalker with Ten or more Loyalty counters on it.

  12. Off on an Adventure: Cast the Adventure side of spells you control three times in one game.

  13. Second Breakfast: Create Five or more food tokens in one turn

  14. With a Little Help from My Friends: Have three or more backup abilities and/or other “enters the battlefield” abilities of creatures that target a creature trigger in a single turn.

  15. The Order: Control seven or more non-token creatures that share a creature type.

  16. Corrupted With Power: Become tempted by the ring four times.



  • 4 prize packs will be added to the prize vault for each league participant.

  • Win your pod without a tie, win a pack from the Prize Vault!

  • Each week, any player with 12 or more points on the night wins a pack from the Prize Vault. 

  • At the end of the league, a percentage of the prize packs will be given out to the top 5 players, and each player in the league will receive at least one pack.

  • Your standing in the league will be determined by your scores from your BEST 3 WEEKS.

  • Promo Packs - highest roll each week + some added to the Prize Vault

  • Drawings for cool Magic swag.

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