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5 Gift Ideas for the Season

It is that time of the year again. With the holidays just around the corner, we wanted to throw out some gift ideas for the various types of people in your life. In no particular order, we recommend these awesome gaming gift ideas:

For Someone Who Does Family Game Night

In Welcome to Your Perfect Home, become an architect in America during the 1950s and build the best neighborhoods in town. Using random card pairs from three decks, you will write down your choices on your score pad to try and achieve the best point combinations. Easy to play with deep levels of strategy. Also a great party game!

Players: 1-100

Time 45 Minutes

Difficulty: Easy

For the Star Wars Lover

If you have a member of your family who can't wait for The Rise of Skywalker or loves The Mandalorian, Outer Rim is the game for them. Choose from characters such as Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Jyn Erso as you smuggle cargo, track down bounties, hire crew, or fight patrols of an opposing faction. Your reputation is on the line as you strive to be the most infamous scoundrel in the Outer Rim!

Players: 1-4

Time 2-3 Hours

Difficulty: Medium

For Someone Who Loves Deck-Building Games

Mystic Vale places you in the role of a powerful druid trying to lift the curse on your lands. Using the revolutionary card-crafting system, you create your own unique cards. This is done by placing the clear cards you gain for your deck over existing ones already in your deck, creating unique and potentially powerful combinations! Use the cards you create to claim the different vales, giving you various powers and victory points.

Add in one of the expansions for even more unique abilities and mechanics to this excellent deck-building game.

Players: 2-4

Time 1 Hour

Difficulty: Medium

For Someone Who Loves a Twist on a Classic Game

Pandemic Legacy takes the Pandemic game and turns it into 12-24 episodic games with an overarching story. As you play each game, your actions dictate changes to the game board and rules for future games. Because of potential spoilers, not much else can be said about this. This is one of the highest rated games out there.

Players: 2-4

Time 1 Hour

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

For the Magic Player

The Throne of Eldraine Gift Edition Bundle is an awesome gift for that Magic: The Gathering player in your life. It comes with lands, 10 booster packs, one Collector Booster (valued at over $30 alone), a spin down life counter, storage box, and promo card. It is perfect for both veteran and new players.

Players: 2-???

Time: ???

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

As fate would have it, we happen to have all of these fine gift ideas in stock at GriffoNest Games. If none of these items strike your fancy, we have many other fine games that would make excellent gifts this holiday season. Stop by and we would be more than happy to help you find the perfect game for the people on your shopping list.

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