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Choose your allegiance and champion, assemble your forces, and chronicle your path to glory.  In this escalating campaign structure, you will use the same faction from battle to battle in a narrative story where your forces grow, victories and defeats affect the future of your warband, and you gain renown and rewards.

League members, check the Path to Glory Channel on the Discord page for standings, contact information, and standings.

League Information

Duration: 4 months, February 1 - May 31


Cost: $20 before the league starts



Players must have:

  • The core rules

  • All necessary warband miniatures (do NOT have to be painted)

  • All necessary warband rules

  • A warband roster sheet


  • You must abide by all Path to Glory campaign rules.

  • You must play the specified Battleplan for each month.

  • While terrain and playmats are available, players are welcome to bring their own.

  • Battles must be played at GriffoNest Games.

  • You may not interfere with another game in any way.

  • GriffoNest Games will ask for your contact information for the sole purpose of arranging games and notifying you of your monthly opponent.  We WILL NOT contact you in any other fashion.



  • Each month, players will be given an opponent with a similar league standing to you.  Any time during that month, you must arrange a meeting time with your opponent to complete your battle at GriffoNest Games.  These games will work towards your league standings and gaining glory points,

  • Addendum: Up to four times per month, you may play an additional game versus another league player who is not your opponent for that month.  You may never play someone more than once per month in this fashion (though it may be someone who was previously your assigned opponent in a different month).  These games only earn you glory points and renown.

Starting Warband Size:
600 points. After this, players will use the warband rules listed on page 328 of the Core Book, including the sidebar.

Escalation  Addendum: Each month, players will add 200 free points and one free unit roster spot increase to the Battle Limits chart on page 307 of the Core Book.  This increase is considered to raise the size of your starting stronghold by 1 unit.  This free increase will also raise the starting army size for that month as follows:

March: 800 Points minimum

April: 1,000 Points minimum

May: 1,200 Points minimum


  • A battle win will earn you 3 points.

  • A battle tie will earn you 1 point.

  • A battle loss will earn you 0 points.

  • League standings will be based on your total points.

  • At the end of the league, tie-breakers will follow these steps until decided: opponents’ total points, your number of major victories, your total glory earned

Prizes: Prizes will be given in the form of store credit and super-sweet swag.  Store Credit will be awarded to the top 5 players (Addendum: 40% of total entry to first, 25% total entry to second, 15% of total entry to third, and 10% of total entry to fourth and fifth place).  Swag will be given randomly each month, and to the winner of the painting contest.

Swag: We are pulling out all the stops to support this league.  Swag will be given for other benchmarks that will be announced as the league progresses.

Painting Contest: At the end of March, we will ask members of the league to submit one model for our painting contest.  These models will be voted upon by customers in-store and by subscribers on social media.  Swag will be given to our first and second place vote-getters.

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