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GriffoNest Games Goes to Gen Con 2019

Last week, our family had the privilege of going to Gen Con in Indianapolis. There, we joined roughly 60,000 other gamers for the best four days of gaming all year. I know this because:

A) It was really fun. #genconrules

B) The video at the end of this blog (before the random pictures) illustrates the grandeur of the situation.

C) This graphic clearly supports my claim. Therefore, it must be true.

Truly, it is. At least, until GriffoNest Games opens. BAM! Mic drop.

Anyway, here are some of our experiences.

Chip Theory Games hooked us up. They have this sweet game called Too Many Bones. They don't work through distributors. They gave us excellent prices and lots of demo games to bring back to our store. #chiptheorygames #toomanybones

In True Dungeon, you go into an actual haunted house/escape room type of place. The main difference, though, is that it is Dungeons & Dragons themed. Our particular adventure was one from last year called Odin's Redux. You get a character sheet and tokens that give you powers. Inside the dungeon, you use your skills and tokens to interact with the various situations. Bree was a bard, so she had to sing. Her song of choice to motivate us in battle was "Head Like Hole" bu Nine Inch Nails. I was the Dwarf Fighter. This was a bit odd as I was clearly the tallest one in the group. While it was interesting, I do not know that I would go back and do it again. The old adventure was around fifty bucks for each family member. The new ones have a whopping price tag of $85 a piece. Our daughters enjoyed it quite a bit. Since it was late Saturday night, we got to go through with a group of gentlemen who had just come from a tavern. There puzzle-solving skills were not very sharp at that time.

Alexis and I played Starfinder for TEN HOURS one day.

I personally really enjoy this RPG. It is basically Dungeons & Dragons in space (technically Pathfinder in space - Pathfinder = D&D from a different company, Paizo). My character was a giant lizard man (called a vesk) who was a celebrity chef. I actually won a cooking competition in the adventure. Crazy. I really hope to have Starfinder Society scenarios running at our store. #starfinder #roleplayinggames

Alexis was a sweet satyr.

Tons of people dress up at Gen Con each year. My oldest daughter had the idea to throw a satyr costume together. She came up with every single detail and made much of the costume from scratch. She is a skilled face painter. Perhaps at a Pokemon event in the store, she can be on hand to do face paintings for younglings of the various Pokemon. #Pokemon #tradingcardgames

Food trucks are delicious, but the lines were so loooong. We often found ourselves going elsewhere to eat.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Open did not go well for us. Bree, Alexis, and I were placed in a group with another woman. Together, we tried to best the difficult scenario they put in front of us. In the end, we barely missed out on defeating the scenario. The top eight teams got to move on. We were tenth. Out of fourteen teams. Anyway, we still hope to have the Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild in our store. I will be reaching out to Paizo soon in order to get our store on board for this game. #PACG

Could Marvel Champions LCG be the next big thing from Fantasy Flight Games? I am not sure. After multiple times stopping back, I was finally able to sit down and demo this game. It is interesting. We will carry it and run events in the store. Time will tell. #marvelchampionslcg

This was the first Gen Con in which I played 0 games of Magic: The Gathering. I have been going here since 2001. Each time, I try to ram as much of this excellent game into my schedule. I wanted to to experience more of the exhibit hall this year. #magicthegathering

We will play lots of Star Wars Outer Rim in our store. It is very fun and flavorful. #starwars

This game reminded me a lot of Xia: Legends of a Drift System. It plays shorter and has the strength and emotion of the Star Wars franchise behind it. We get the last Star Wars this year. I will try to be brave and strong.

Here is an amateur video that shows a bit of the sights and sounds of Gen Con. Following that are some random pictures we took along the way. #gencon2019


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