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Commander League

Duration: 4 weeks - meet on Thursdays


Time: 7pm - 10pm


Dates: November 7, 14, 21, and December 5


Cost: $20 before league starts (payment options available - check with Scott)


Requirements: Must have a registered DCI number (sign-up at accounts.wizards.com or cards may be available in the store).  You must have at least one legal Commander deck (see this page) that adheres to the present banned list.  Additional decks must also adhere to this list.


Structure: Each week you will play two matches in randomly assigned pods of upto 4 players.  These players will have similar point totals as you. Matches will be 75 minutes long.  



We will be using the green and red cards from this scoring system that was devised by Mike Fields and Frank Hood of Anime Imports in Pacifica, California:


Time-out: We will complete the current turn and tally points.


Prizes: 5 prize packs will be added to the prize pool for each league participant.  As long as there is a single winner in a pod, that player will receive a pack from the prize pool for winning their pod.  Each week, the highest point earner for the night will receive a pack from the prize pool. There will be achievements that will also score packs from the prize pool.  At the end of the league, a percentage of the prize packs will be given out to the top 5 players. Your standing in the league will be determined by your scores from your BEST 4 WEEKS.



  1. You may change decks in between matches and league weeks.

  2. No proxies unless you own a copy of that card and have it with you.

  3. Players with foreign or textless cards should have the English version readily available.  Time should not be spent looking these up. A play will be considered illegal if this happens.

  4. Interference from those outside the game is not allowed.  

  5. You must shuffle your deck and allow the player to your left to cut it before drawing another card.

  6. You will receive one free mulligan.  After that, we will use the London Mulligan Rule.

  7. Play proceeds as normal after everyone has resolved mulligans, if necessary,  and drawn their starting hands.